Episode #002 – 23 October 2006

  • Last week’s recap by Laura
  • News from Paul recorded by Danno
  • The Signal promo
  • QOTW Responses from various people with an introduction by Gerry and Laura
  • Hero Spotlight on Isaac Mendez by Laura & Gerry
  • Book’em Danno written by Miranda and recorded by Jeff and Danno
  • Interview clip of Deidre Quinn who plays Niki’s friend Texas Tina fromĀ SciFiTalk
  • On the Blogs
  • Question of the Week from Joe – What character do you most identify with and why?
  • Mailbag, voice message from Dominic
  • Heroes Episoded 5 Trailer “Hiros”
  • Spoiler Section by Jeff

Some of the music from this episode was found at:http://www.music.podshow.com


Episode #001 – 16 October 2006

  • Introduction to the show by hosts, Joe and Miranda.
  • The Story so Far written by Miranda, read by Nick; a recap of the first three episode in abbreviated form.
  • This Week in the News, written by Paul, read by Danno
  • Hero Spotlight, written and read by Laura and Gerry
  • Nathan Petrelli Ad, written by Jeff
  • On the Blogs, written by Miranda, read by Bob
  • Joe’s Question of the Week – What is your favorite scene between Ando and Hiro?
  • Promo from Episode 4
  • Spoiler Section
  • Shout out http://bahlactus.com/